ANN Dashboards

Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your practice and benchmark these against your competitors.

We’ve launched 28 new KPI reports this month to accompany the original 4 ANN Dashboards, still complimentary to all ANN members!

ANN Monitor

The “pulse” of your practice on ANN, focusing on procedure counts as well as financial metrics (gross charges). It acts as your homepage on ANN, and it provides you with a long-term snapshot of how your practice is performing. Practices on ANN often use it as the diving board from which they jump deeper into their data pool. As with all ANN Dashboards, you can filter any of the data displayed on the ANN Monitor by region, patient gender and age range, date of service, and procedure type.

Return Patients

This Dashboard demonstrates the lifetime value (LTV) of your aesthetic patients. It shows a clear correlation between a patient’s “initial spend” on a specific product or procedure in your office, and their ultimate expenditure on other products and services over time. With data going back to the year 2000 (when available in your PM system), you can clearly see meaningful trends in this important practice management benchmark.

Repeat Procedures

Many aesthetic procedures, such as neurotoxin injections and dermal filler injections, optimally require a patient to return to a practice for “maintenance.” The Repeat Procedures Dashboard displays clear metrics on how often patients are returning to you, the time between visits, and the associated gross charges. Again, this information - both yours and the ANN collective data - can be filtered by patient age or gender, date range, procedure type (all the way down to product brand names), and even region of the country.


This Dashboard is available to customers with compatible Practice Management systems, and displays a wealth of data about how often you are converting a patient from quote to invoice, how many days pass between quote and invoice, and - perhaps most importantly - the mix of new vs. existing patients in your Conversions pool.

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