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ANN Tutorials Introduction

Meet ANN: Business Intelligence software developed exclusively for Active ASAPS Members to help interpret your practice data in a meaningful, practical way – with comparative benchmarking data to let you know what trends your colleagues are seeing. It’s Evidence-Based business brought to life.

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ANN User Interface Basics

How does ANN run? In this video, learn about the basics behind ANN’s 4 main Dashboards.

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ANN Monitor

The ANN Monitor is your “30,000 foot” practice view. It illustrates trends in procedures and invoice charges for both you and other ANN users.

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ANN Return Patients Dashboard

The Return Patients Dashboard shows you the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your patients by tracking who returns to you later for a different procedure, so you know how and when to market additional services. Comparative benchmark data only available on ANN adds another layer of value.

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ANN Repeat Procedures Dashboard

The Repeat Patients Dashboard measures your effectiveness at retaining patients for medi-spa services like neurotoxins, dermal fillers, and energy-based devices.

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ANN Conversions Dashboard

The Conversions Dashboard measures your ratio of quotes that are converted to invoices and what percentage of those come from new vs. existing patients, alongside the same data for your colleagues on ANN.

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